UP Talks Boulder

Wow Ladies

Boulder is pretty small business friendly, but UP Talks Boulder takes it to a whole new level. UP Talks grew out of founder Elizabeth Powell’s vision of a community where Boulder area women come together regularly to tackle challenging and provocative issues. Our Art Director, Stephanie Sizemore, advised at the most recent event “Speed Business Advising for Woman-Owned Small Businesses.” She was inspired by the unique ideas and absolute bravery of these female business owners, particularly the ones weaving sustainability into their business models. From purveyors of organic products to LEED-certified architects, it was clear that being sustainable is on the forefront of these women’s minds when thinking about their new businesses.

We love that these ladies prioritize environmental issues. Stephanie encouraged these businesses to stand out in terms of visual identity and to be transparent in telling their sustainability stories––not only to help generate new business, but to be a business that their customers can trust. Go Boulder business women!


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