Climate Change Tourism


We created this series of tongue-in-cheek posters that imagine a future in which the “Climate Change Tourism Association” is enticing travelers with the “benefits” of global warming.

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Certified B Corporation

B Corp

Walden Hyde is proud to announce that we’ve joined like-minded business such as Patagonia, Klean Kanteen, Plum Organics, and Ben and Jerry’s by becoming a Certified B Corporation.

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It's What We Do

New Years

A shift in perception helps companies as well as individuals meet and exceed goals.

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Breaking Trail: Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen

In our latest edition of Breaking Trail, we speak with Jim Osgood, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Klean Kanteen about working to replace single-use items, becoming a B Corp, and employee engagement as the company grows.

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Boulder-ites vs. Thanksgiving


It’s that time of year, folks … the time of year for joyous reunions over classic family recipes, shellacked cornucopias, and vegetables suspended in Jello.

If you’re hosting a Boulder-ite for Thanksgiving this year, we thought we’d prep you so you’re not caught off guard. Here are some things you might hear:

1. “What are you doing putting that Tupperware in the microwave?! We’ll get BPA poisoning!”

2. “Is this turkey free range and organic?”

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After the Flood


We appreciate everyone who has reached out to check on us, and we’re happy to say that we are all safe.

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The Problem with Talking Sustainability

Problem with Sustainability

The problem with talking about sustainability isn’t that consumers don’t care; it’s that they don’t necessarily care
in the ways that companies think they should.

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Millennials Talk Conservation


The future of conservation rests with Millennials– adults aged 18 to 35. Yet, according to The Nature Conservancy, only 8.5% of traditional, conservation nonprofit members are under 45 years old.

That’s funny, because 87% of Millennials say…

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Join us for our OR Panel

OR Summer

Join us for a frank conversation with outdoor leaders about what they’re doing to make their companies and products more environmentally and socially responsible.

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