Build a platform on purpose
Consumers are bombarded with good stories right now. But are they listening? The answer is: sometimes. Our extensive research on the subject shows that consumers want products that live up to their expectations and align with their values.

You stand for something, but what do you stand on?

Positioning good brands requires a specialized process and set of skills. Our unique behavioral research methods explore the gap between intention and action to discover where your brand’s values and those of your consumers overlap. We turn this sweet spot into a potent platform and successful campaign that help you win on purpose.

What We Do
Our strategy team begins looking at your brand as a whole to understand what matters most to your brand, consumers, customers, and peers. After synthesizing these insights through our proprietary formula, we build a platform that defines your purpose, shows how purpose integrates into your brand as a whole, and specifies exactly how, when, and where to communicate purpose.

What You Get
• In-depth strategic planning
• Audit of internal insights, data, and assets
• Landscape analysis of your top 5 competitors
• Online consumer survey development and analysis
• Retailer survey development and analysis (up to 8 retailers)
• Summary report
• Messaging architecture
• Final platform
• Messaging architecture
• Visual of how the platform integrates into your brand
• Final campaign concept
• Final activation guide

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