About Us

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Walden Hyde has spent a decade positioning brands we believe in.
That’s it. In the process, we have sacrificed revenue and risked type-casting ourselves. But as a result, our work is what the world needs more of.
Photo by Woods Wheatcroft

We believe brands are the biggest levers for change in the world.

Using behavioral research, brand strategy, and uncommon creative, we help constructive brands understand their consumers, expand their markets and make sh*t happen.
From unique behavioral research that explores the gap between intention and action to finding the overlap between brand and consumer values to building successful positioning and creative, Walden Hyde is a strategic and creative partner invested in the success of brands that change the world.


Walden Hyde works with some of the best constructive brands in the world.

The Walden Hyde Team

Our team of creatives, cognitive anthropologists, and sustainability experts bring experience and big thinking to the unique challenges of building constructive brands.

Robb Shurr


Lucia Robinson

Chief Creative Officer

Katie Dunn

Director of Strategy

Kara Hanson

Digital Art Director

Megan Hillman

Senior Designer

Michael Smyjewski

Senior Designer

Tessa Hart

Client Services

Dylan Spurgin

Director of Interactive Development

Rich Adams

Director of Product Development