You guys did in two weeks what we’ve been trying to do for years.


Co-owner, Ridge Merino

Content is King

And we are the queens (and a couple of kings) of copy.

Imagine being handed high-conversion content for your paid and organic social platforms, email marketing, ad copy, product naming and launches.

From DTC ads that drive clicks to website copy that converts, we’re here to lighten your load and supercharge your sales.

What We Do
  • Ad Copy
  • Social Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Copy
  • Product Copy
  • Brand Copy
Viking Van

Say Something Worth Saying

Stop the Scroll

Ad Copy

We can say A LOT in 125 characters. Try us. Seriously, you give us your marketing calendar, keywords, and brand and consumer details, and we’ll deliver your monthly ad copy for Meta, Snap, Google, LinkedIn, and display ads.

Our monthly ad copy retainer includes a monthly review meeting and 50 lines of copy for the platforms of your choice.

Move Them

Social Content

Break through the social noise with your brand’s own voice and perspective.

Imagine weekly deliveries of high-conversion content for your paid and organic social platforms. After getting to know your brand and consumers, our social content package includes a monthly alignment call, weekly check-ins as needed, and copy for eight posts per week. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to more clicks and conversions.

7x What You Say

Email Marketing

Did you know email marketing still drives up to 7x more sales than paid social when done well? But it’s often underutilized as internal teams get busy.

Let us refresh your sales flow and re-energize your relationship with your email list.

Following your marketing calendar and content mix, we develop content for six brand and sales-specific emails each month. Our email package includes a monthly meeting and weekly check-ins, as needed.

SEO Like a Pro

Website Copy

Give us the keywords to the kingdom and we’ll go to town rewriting your home page, product copy, and meta and title tags.

In this quick sprint refresh, we deliver an optimized full package of copy that’ll have your site ranking and converting in no time.

Launch it Like You Mean It

Product Copy

Oooooh … we love shiny new objects. Product copy, launch ideas, and sales tools are our jam. (And our bread and butter, too.)

After an initial alignment call, we get to work developing the product and sales copy for your website, sales decks, packaging, email, and social posts. With two rounds of revisions, we work efficiently and precisely to assure your new product stands out.

Find Your Voice

Brand Copy

Survey says—consumers love brands with personality. Let us hone your tone.

You give us what you know about your brand and consumers, we write your positioning, messaging architecture, example copy, and voice (and if you don’t know those things, we’ve got you covered there too). This foundational package becomes the map for your copywriters in-house or at Walden Hyde.

We’ve got you.

Whether you’re looking to do things better or do things differently, Walden Hyde lightens your load and always delivers.


We build the brands you love.

Walden Hyde is the strategic creative agency behind some of the world’s most iconic active lifestyle, natural food, and sustainable brands.

Our team of researchers, graphic artists, strategists, and storytellers drives success for clients we believe in.

From multinational corporations to local startups, we design and position brands for a lifetime of meaningful relationships.