DTC During a Pandemic

As school is almost about to start again—in whatever form that takes—our team at Walden Hyde has been thinking how to squeeze in last-minute summer vacations and shop for back-to-school necessities.

Like us, you (and your consumers) might also be thinking about the future of shopping, too.

For many, this looks like buying everything from #2 pencils to groceries to couches online.

As a result, direct-to-consumer selling (DTC) has become so much more important for a lot of brands over the last few months.

But people won’t just flock to you … your game has to be on.

This is especially important because with the low barrier of entry for ad and social buys, competitors can easily get in front of your ideal consumers and pull their attention away from you.

While margins may be higher through DTC, consumer acquisition and retention can be more expensive and difficult, especially for brands who are building new relationships.

Large or well-established companies are addressing these dilemmas by:

  • Ramping up their ad spends
  • Working with third-party retailers to expand their audience reach
  • Planning on investing in brick-and-mortar retail spaces post-pandemic as a source of connection and advertisement

But how can other brands win people’s attention right now and retain them as loyal consumers after the pandemic is over?

Luckily, Constructive Brands will stand out in a crowded DTC marketplace through doing what they naturally do well—building strong relationships and trust.

Constructive Brands do this through:

  1. Selling excellent products that work for the job they need to do
  2. Understanding how their brand’s purpose aligns with their consumers’ values
  3. Providing worthwhile content through emails and social media posts that go beyond just selling
  4. Investing in customer service so every touchpoint feels like an easy, positive experience

Walden Hyde has expanded its digital and content marketing focus and team to help you connect with the right people in the right ways. Along with our underpinning of strategy and creative that we’re best known for, we’ve expanded our capabilities to meet what our clients and friends like you need right now to thrive in these weird times.

So let us know if you’d like to talk about ramping up your content marketing.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to figure out how to identify and integrate purpose into your brand storytelling, here’s a free tool to get you started.

Keep the passion. Make sh!t happen.