Break Out of the [Brand] Rut

There’s a mindfulness technique that I have found myself using recently—reminding myself of the shared human experience that we find ourselves in.

In a nutshell, it’s the knowledge that the feelings we experience on a daily basis are not unique to our own selves—others are experiencing similar emotions.

It might sound overly simple, but close your eyes and try it. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

And that idea of shared experience works just as well when you’re thinking about your brand.

Sometimes you hit a rut and feel like you’re the only one going through [fill in the blank].

But you’re not the only one confused about your consumer, rethinking your packaging, or struggling to turn clicks into conversions. All brands share similar struggles at one time or another.

Again, it’s nice to know you’re not alone.

The simple knowledge that you’re not alone can be reassuring. It’s also helpful to have partners that have worked through the same challenges you’re experiencing with many other brands.

We’re here for you. Together, we can solve big problems and small ones.

Sometimes just talking to someone who understands can be helpful. Even a virtual high five goes a long way these days.

We’re in this together.