Integrating Sustainability

Many brands that want to tell their good story forget marketing 101 and fall into these three pitfalls:

Mistake 01:

Highlighting metrics that have little meaning to consumers (“We offset five tons of CO2!“)

Mistake 02:

Putting the onus of behavior change on consumers with clichéd platitudes (“Be green! Recycle!“)

Mistake 03:

Showcasing philanthropy that is disconnected to their brand  (“Our dog food company donates to the Breast Cancer Fund.“)


Because they fail to connect CSR initiatives to their brand value proposition.

They ignore their consumer’s interests and values, and they shed their brand voice and personality.

We’ve got a solution for that.

Walden Hyde's Formula

Many companies stop at “Internal” when they talk about sustainability, CSR, or their purpose. They collect metrics about their social and environmental initiatives, type it up into a report, then launch it into the world without another thought.

But stopping there misses the opportunity to not only tell a deeper story, but also do better work.

Our process gets there by considering the:
• Brand’s internal culture and purpose
• Competitors’ positioning around these topics
• Overarching cultural conversation and mood
• Consumers’ values, expectations, and latent needs
• Voice, style, and attitude

Our process brings authenticity into how brands communicate their good story, build trust with consumers, and protect against greenwashing. Moreover, it uncovers opportunities for new product development and differentiation.

View or download our full Formula guide.