Our Superpower is Our People

I really love seeing people’s faces again. It’s amazing how fast we’re transitioning out of lockdown—it’s like riding a bike!

So, who’s going back to the way things used to be?!

Walden Hyde is not.

It took this last year and a half to teach us that there’s a much more efficient and sane way to run our business.

We learned that we traveled way too much. Face-to-face meetings are great, and important, but not at the frequency that we used to do them.

We learned that for our business, Slack is almost all the office we need. And flexibility in where and how we work supercharges our creativity.

But most notably, we were reminded just how important it is to have a tight-knit team of insanely talented people driven to make the best work on the planet.

If you’re lucky to be an existing client, you know our superpower is our people.

We’re proud to have been able to assemble and retain this amazing team, especially over the last year and a half when so many other businesses had to shrink their teams.

So, as we emerge into our new normal, we’re taking this month on our Instagram and Facebook stuffs to highlight the team that makes Walden Hyde what it is.

Stay tuned for more. We have some really neat stories to tell.