Stay Ready

I heard the wise prophet Snoop Dogg say, “If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready,” during his Olympic show this summer. The quote is actually attributed to Will Smith, but either way, it’s a good one.

Well, planning season is here for many of us. And as we look towards ending 2021 on a high note while figuring out what’s on the horizon in 2022, now is a great time to get your brand’s house in order so you’re ready … for everything and anything. Just like Will and Snoop.

In our own planning for Walden Hyde, we take a Marie Kondo approach. Somehow, every year we get distracted by things that don’t actually bring us joy. As we strip activities down to the essentials, those things are the first to go.

What will bring you (and your brand) joy this year?

Maybe an overhaul or refocus on your purpose? Beyond making consumers love you, this makes your internal teams proud to work for you, boosting morale and performance.

How about freshening up your brand? We get it, it’s been a long couple of years. While we all might still be working in our joggers and sweatshirts, it doesn’t mean our brands have to be. A visual refresh will give new life to your brand.

With so many brands shifting focus to DTC, packaging considerations are essential. How are you showing up online and on your consumers’ front steps?

Do you know how your consumers have changed over the last few years? Are you even talking to the same group of people? Let’s go find out.

No matter what you’re planning this season—from refreshing your brand, to growing your audience, to redesigning your packaging—you’ll need a great partner. We’re here for you.