The Results Are In

Here at Walden Hyde, we are fortunate and grateful to do work that we love with clients we love.

Over the last decade+, we have carefully balanced a down-to-earth client experience with hard working creative and strategy. We work hard to make the experience of working with, and for, Walden Hyde as fulfilling as possible.

We reached out to past and present clients to find out what they think about Walden Hyde so we can continue to grow and improve in the right ways.

Here are some of the top results of our survey:

Brands’ Projects

57% of respondents are considering a brand refresh in the upcoming year

42% of respondents are planning on launching a campaign

28% of respondents are investing in consumer research, a website refresh, or social media marketing

14.3% of respondents are working on their packaging, product development, and email marketing

Perceptions of Walden Hyde

People see Walden Hyde as both a Counselor (supporting their team through decision-making) and an Expert (guiding decision-making through strategy and best practices)

Words to Describe Walden Hyde

Fresh and modern

Quality and ethics

Good people

Insightful and strategic

Smart and agile

Why Walden Hyde

“We considered several firms, but we felt like Walden Hyde really listened to us, and understood what we wanted, and demonstrated similar work with past clients. That made us feel confident that working with Walden Hyde would be a good investment.”

“Recommended by colleagues and strong track record of the work we’ve done with them.”

“Previous experience as a client and great relationships with the team.”

“Friendship. Values alignment.”

“Knew and trusted the people.”

We’d love to hear from you, too! Drop us a line if you’d like to share feedback or have ideas about how we could work together in the future.