Constructive Brands


Something funny happens when a value-based idea shows up in a creative brief. It’s like brand building 101 gets thrown out the window and everyone starts talking about changing lightbulbs, saving the ocean, showing diversity, or appealing to strong women.

Often brands use values or purpose to show they are relevant without actually believing in (or doing anything substantial about) the values themselves. It’s not totally greenwashing, or purpose washing, but it’s close.

Constructive Brands are driven by their values. Their purpose is not a “nice to have” that’s tacked on, but rather core to why they exist and how they act. 

These brands know their culture, understand their customers, and totally own their unique place in the world. They know how to build the best supply chain. They know what kind of money they need to raise. They know what to say to their consumers. And all of this allows them to create better products, better lives, and a profitable company, on purpose.