Brand Refresh
Honey Stinger needed help redesigning packaging for their entire product line of sport gels and chews, protein bars, snack bars, and waffles. While taking on this packaging overhaul, we saw an opportunity for a brand refresh.

We developed a unique position for Honey Stinger in outdoor and natural foods, and set them up to win at shelf.

We started off the project with strategy research. We visited retailers to get a firsthand view of how Honey Stinger shows up on shelf and in people’s minds. We observed shopper behavior, conducted intercept interviews in stores, and talked with retailers. From there, we developed the brand positioning and messaging hierarchy. The positioning focused on Honey Stinger using responsibly-sourced honey to provide a better form of energy and being created and tested by athletes in Steamboat, Co.

Based on our research, we found a big opportunity for Honey Stinger to attract a broader, more inclusive audience looking for good nutrition—from novice to pro athletes. Prior to beginning the packaging design, we refined Honey Stinger’s logo brand colors, and typography.

Once logo, color, and type were finalized, we moved to packaging. Our goals focused on bringing together a cohesive look across all product SKUs and winning at shelf. We brought out a new brand yellow to increase brand recognition and carve out shelf space in the crowded and overwhelming bar aisle. Design and messaging worked together to support the main points of positioning: responsibly-sourced honey, real food, and made by athletes in Steamboat, Co.

Honey Stinger rolled out their new logo and packaging design at the 2019 Expo West trade show.

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