Brand Refresh
Honey Stinger needed help redesigning packaging for their entire product line of sport gels and chews, protein bars, snack bars, and waffles. While taking on this packaging overhaul, we saw an opportunity for a brand refresh.

We positioned Honey Stinger to expand their presence in grocery and win new audiences, while staying true to their core outdoor roots.

Founded in the mountains of Steamboat, Colorado, Honey Stinger was one of the first sports nutrition brands to use real honey and whole food ingredients in their products. Two decades on, the company has a loyal following of athletes, adventurers, and specialty retail shops, as well as a growing presence in grocery. In order to succeed in grocery and attract a wider audience, Honey Stinger knew the brand needed a more versatile and inviting logo and a cohesive packaging scheme.

Honey Stinger chose to work with Walden Hyde for our experience rebranding niche products for mainstream markets. Accurate positioning is a critical step in Walden Hyde’s brand and packaging design process. For Honey Stinger, we mystery shopped both specialty retail and grocery, conducted intercept interviews at shelf, surveyed with retailers, built a robust landscape analysis, and reviewed and tested the company’s existing consumer insights research. From this foundational work emerged key insights and opportunities that would guide the entire creative process, including elevating honey as a natural performance fuel and leaning on the company’s roots in Steamboat as a badge of authenticity for core athletes and a point of aspiration for more mainstream consumers. We also heard and saw the need for a clean, simple brand that could stand out in a crowded aisle.

Honey Stinger’s original logo reflected the intensity of racing and pushing hard in the mountains with an aggressive-looking bee and custom type riddled with stingers. To elevate honey as a performance fuel, we developed a beautifully simple mark that quickly communicates both “honey” and “stinger” and is entirely ownable by the Honey Stinger brand. The mark is bold enough to stand alone, and is strong without being aggressive. We refined the original logo’s typeforms to retain the look of the old logo, but with a more classic and usable design. We then built a new, compatible typeset of the word “Honey”, giving it more prominence in the logo.

“We appreciate how Walden Hyde worked with us throughout this process and brought this excellent work to life.”

—Rich Hager | Partner, Honey Stinger