100.6 Reasons to Celebrate

The long weekend is almost here! Hope you’ve got some fun party plans.

In honor of the holiday, we’re firing off a few fireworks of own to celebrate a big accomplishment.

Here goes.

You may know that in 2014 we became one of the first branding agencies in the country to become a Certified B Corp. Our certification has helped us grow Walden Hyde into an agency with real heart and soul. And with this year’s recertification, we’ve improved our 2019 score by 10 points, making the jump to 100.6.

Many of those additional points came from our continued commitment to employee well-being, which includes their “financial security, health & safety, wellness, career development, and engagement & satisfaction”  (B Impact Assessment Areas)

We’re proud that in a time when some companies are downsizing, we’re able to invest in our people and culture.

If you work with us, you know we have outstanding employee retention. And it isn’t just because we’re kind and do meaningful work (though those things help). We offer 100% paid healthcare, a generous parental leave, 401K matching, flexible schedules, and room to grow skills.

But we couldn’t do it without our amazing clients. Our clients come and stay for years and years. In this case, being kind and doing the meaningful work really is at the heart of why they stick around—we get the results they need, while being the partners they love to work with.

As the strategic creative agency behind some of the world’s most iconic active lifestyle, wellness, and natural food brands, we know that how companies do business drives how well they do in business.

So as you’re kicking back this weekend, join us in toasting another year of doing great business together.