Beyond Working From Home

This week we don’t feel like we have much to say, between being on the our edge of our seats watching The Bachelor and trying not to panic despite all the virus updates…

But in addition to hoping this pandemic slows significantly, this is what we’re thinking about this week:

Coronavirus ‘Really Not the Way You Want To Decrease Emissions’, but what can we learn about the social cooperation and sense of immediacy that emerges in response to a threat?

Let’s not kill each other

And from ForbesDisruptive events often lead to countervailing forces…Categories more prone to increase during times of physical retraction [like what’s happening across the world right now] of a population are health and beauty, grocery and consumer product goods.

During other times of retraction, like the recession of 2008, we saw a resilient outdoor industry. 

So, our approach as we hunker down is:
Be smart about crowds. Cook together as a family. And get outside.

We’re hoping consumers take a similar approach.

We’re also thinking about the impact that this event will have on online shopping. Not only creating an uptick in spending on Amazon and DTC, but likely a big shift forward in momentum around online shopping habits.

It’s likely a lot of people who might not be everyday online shoppers are going to get a lot more comfortable ordering online over the next few weeks/months.

And that means an accelerated increase in the already accelerated growth of online shopping.

That’s enough talk.

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