Cutting the Nonsense

A brand we work with talks about “making room for more good when you strip away the nonsense.”

Nonsense looks like:

  • Busywork that checks a to-do list, but ignores what’s really important
  • Groupthink that doesn’t test assumptions
  • Processes that are overwrought or inflexible
  • Defaulting to what feels comfortable, rather than taking a risk on something new

And while all of these seem annoying but innocuous, this nonsense actually drains the energy and passion that drive teams to perform and hinders momentum of purpose-driven brands.

  • Energy and passion create ideas. Nonsense produces mediocrity.
  • Energy and passion grow brands. Nonsense tanks momentum.
  • Energy and passion make work fun and engaging. Nonsense fosters boredom.

At Walden Hyde, we protect our energy and passion intensely.

We do this through being selective about who we work with. Our clients are interested in being profitable through integrating their “why” into every decision they make. They shift culture, build up employees, know the importance of really getting to know their consumers. And they don’t feel like they have to screw over future generations for short-term wins.

And to do what matters to us—helping constructive brands win on their terms—Walden Hyde helps our team maintain their own energy and passion. In addition to fully paid health care and a robust vacation policy, our employee benefit package also includes one paid “creative day” per month that employees can use to stay stoked and explore their creative energy. We also pay for mindfulness courses because we believe that healthy minds create the best work.

Not everyone is comfortable stripping away the nonsense. But doing so brings the energy and passion needed to grow successful brands.