Boulderites vs. Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year, folks … the time of year for joyous reunions over classic family recipes, shellacked cornucopias, and ice buckets ready for glasses of soda or whiskey.

For the Boulderites who aren’t staying in town to set a new CR Strava record up Flagstaff Mountain or heading to Aspen or Vail / Moab or Zion / Bishop or Hueco to hit the slopes/slickrock/boulders, Thanksgiving means traveling to childhood homes in places like St. Cloud, MN, Poughkeepsie, NY, or Decatur, GA.

They (okay, we) don’t call Boulder a bubble for no reason, so we thought we’d prep families throughout the country for things they might hear their Boulderite kin say:

  1. “Mom! What are you doing putting that Tupperware in the microwave?! We’ll get BPA poisoning!”
  2. “Is this turkey free range and organic?”
  3. “Does anyone want to run a quick 6K with me before breakfast?”
  4. “Oh … I’m not really doing sugar right now.”
  5. (When watching Macy’s Parade): “Do you know there’s a worldwide helium shortage right now? I can’t believe they’re so insensitive to still do this.”
  6. (Reading the back of a Stouffer’s stuffing box): “I don’t even know what half of these ingredients are. Mark Bittman says…”
  7. “Oh… I’m not really doing gluten right now.”
  8. “Don’t you have any craft beer?”
  9. “What?! You don’t have curbside compost or recycling?”
  10. “Do you know what they do to those poor animals to get gelatin for these marshmallows on your yam casserole? Here, let me pull up a short video on my iPhone to show you.”

And Boulderites, we feel your pain. When you’re sitting around eating processed food while the tv is blaring and your aunt tells you, “Sort recycling? Oh, honey, we let other people do that,” just remember that the Bubble will be here waiting for you. Your Strava ranking… well, that’s another story.

Seriously, if you’re eager to get your family to take on more sustainable behaviors this holiday season, don’t be an asshole. Remember to support, not educate people in their process of change.

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