Daily Choices

This week has shown our country’s worst side.

We feel grief and despair as Minneapolis, a community that has lived with police oppression for years, faces another brutal police act that killed George Floyd. 

Some (especially those with unconscious privilege) are “shocked” by the reports of this racist violence. Others face this reality all the time—from veiled racism to the harm they face when they’re simply living their lives … going for a jog (Ahmed Arbery), going birdwatching (Christian Cooper), or even staying at home (Breonna Taylor).

Meanwhile, white men are able to stand outside government buildings with loaded weapons as they shout about their freedom to get a haircut.

This is all unfolding as communities around the country are re-opening to a new-un-normal.

All of which has me reflecting on the momentum of the choices we make every single day. 

Do we speak up or sit outraged?
Do we feel hopeless or do we do things to spread hope?
Do we retreat and isolate or do we embrace those around us?

I know there’s no clear-cut formula, but I do know that while decisions seem small at the time we make them, they build into something more powerful. And that momentum is what keeps moving forward.

There are major problems in our country and the world, and Constructive Brands and constructive thinkers have a responsibility to help solve them.