Do Things Better, Or Do Things Differently

Our backyard trails are finally clear at our house at 8,500 feet up above Boulder. And bike racing season for my kids is underway. They both already have a few under their belt and are out there charging hard.

I spent a lot of time on my bike over the winter in hopes of keeping up with them this summer. Or at least in the early season. And it’s paid off. I can actually hang…sometimes. 

Last year, it was a different story. I started the season off slowly and wasn’t ever really able to keep up. Which was a pretty humbling experience. 

An old ski coach of mine used to tell us that in order to be on top of the podium, you either have to do things better or you have to do them differently.

And while my bike goals aren’t set on a podium, this year I decided to be more disciplined and train better. And I’m glad I put in the work.

I’ve carried my old coach’s wisdom throughout the years and often think about doing things better or doing things differently in various aspects of my life, but especially in business.

I hear from a lot of brands that they feel like they are constantly competing head to head with their rivals but not able to make any progress. Maybe this is an interesting perspective for you to consider with your brand. 

Choosing to do things better or do things differently helps you focus in on what really matters in order to win whatever it is you’re competing in.

And, knowing that you’ve got your eye on the top step of the podium from your brand while your plate is already full, here are some ways that we can help you win with content.

We’re rooting for you.