Don’t Get Caught Up In The Big Stuff

Finding the balance between personal life and work life is a challenge for us all—especially at this time of year—and having go-to tools is often overlooked. So often we just grind through, both personal life and work life, but that takes a toll.

Here at Walden Hyde, we’ve been creating a new mindfulness product for young athletes with our partners at Reboot Mindfulness. And, in testing the content I’ve been applying the mindfulness strategies to my own self and our business.

So, I thought I’d share an activity I’ve been practicing to help me create momentum with my business and personal goals in a conscious and productive way without getting bogged down.

I hope you try it out.

Step 1)
Think about a time where you had a big success. This can be personally or as a brand. Once you identify the big success, focus on how it felt. Use all of your senses—what did it feel like, sound like, is there a smell in the air, what was your posture, was it warm, etc?

Now, let go of what the success actually was and settle into just the feeling and really feel it for a little bit.

Step 2)
Think about what gets in the way of finding that feeling every day. Some common barriers are:

  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of clarity
  • Drudgery/boredom from repetition

Write down the obstacles that you identify and ask yourself what’s the minimum that you need to do to overcome the obstacles. Don’t get caught up in the big details, look for the simplest solutions. Like, maybe:

  • Find new potential partners
  • Set new goals
  • Change up my workflow

Step 3)
Now, go back to that feeling in step 2 and imagine an even bigger success. It’s likely that the obstacles that you identified will creep into your thinking. Let them creep in but imagine yourself overcoming the obstacles with the simple actions that you just identified.

Step 4)
Finally, write down three steps for each barrier that you can take today to get you closer to that greater goal. Like:

  • Reach out to three potential partners
  • Set new achievable short-range goals that move towards long-range goals
  • Listen to new music or work from a different location 

We so often get bogged down in the big stuff—planning for next year, optimizing flawed systems, or sorting through endless marketing options—but when we break it all down into bite-size chunks, we create motivation and momentum that makes the path to our goals more enjoyable and streamlined.

Stop the overthinking paralysis and take the simple steps you need to be productive. Get an outside perspective, have a conversation before the idea is totally firmed up in your own mind, and get the ball rolling.

We do a lot here at Walden Hyde. Reach out if you’d like to chat about how we can help you reach your goals.

Big hugs,

Robb Shurr