No Drama … Get It Done Better

Walden Hyde works with Constructive Brands—those brands who have purpose, passion, culture, and a drive to do business in ways that don’t screw over future generations baked into their DNA.

Our clients represent a spectrum of ways to be a Constructive Brand. Some get people outside, some create healthier or higher quality products, and many consider their employees and the environment in their business operations.

But all of them have “better” driving their work.

When we started Walden Hyde, we saw the need for a brand agency to do a better job at helping grow brands that wanted to have a more positive impact in the world and make money while doing it.

The key part of that last sentence is the making money part. To have a positive impact, whatever that means for your company, you have to be able to thrive while doing it.

And the things that help Constructive Brands thrive are different than other brands.

Constructive brands need to:

  • Communicate deeply emotional stories
  • Do more than just pay lip-service to the things that matter to their customers and business, like purpose and sustainability
  • Stand apart from their, often times, better funded competition and find untraditional ways to compete

And that’s what we help our brands do.

We help family-owned and privately-held brands grow faster and further by using their purpose and reason for being as a guide.

We help some of the largest CPGs in the world figure out how integrate their purpose into their brands in meaningful ways, creating a huge positive ripple effect on culture and supply chains.

We help launch start-ups and set them on the right path early to make sure the passion that made them launch a company in the first place is what drives their growth.

Walden Hyde is consciously built to serve the needs of Constructive Brands.

And sometimes the biggest benefit to our clients is simply having a no-drama, down to earth, get it done better, sort of agency like Walden Hyde.

If that’s appealing and we’re not currently working together, maybe we should.