Election Reflection

I know I’m not the only one, but I so vividly remember the election four years ago.

We had a team from Walden Hyde in San Francisco for a big pitch.

There were pitch nerves and election nerves, but the energy was mostly excitement for how we thought the events over the next 24 hours were going to unfold.

We had a nice team dinner and then went back to the hotel to watch the election results and dry run the pitch one last time.

And then we all just sat in disbelief until late that night.

We woke up the next morning shell shocked, forced some food down, and headed to the pitch.

The conference room filled and it was clear that everyone was the feeling the same way—shocked and saddened. And no one wanted to be talking about the topic we were there to discuss.

But we did. 

And when we went home, knowing so much was out of our control, we got to work on the things we could do to make Walden Hyde an even more impactful company.

  • We changed our insurance policy to 100% paid health coverage for all employees.
  • We started seeking out more pro and low bono work with groups that are on the front lines of making a difference.
  • We got more vocal and used our office windows to voice our beliefs.
  • We gave money, we raised money, and we volunteered more.

Of course there’s always more to do, but we did what we could to make a difference where we could.

And now, with even sweatier palms than before I started this note, we wait.

Here’s to a positive outcome next week for equality, the environment, and human decency.