A Note of Appreciation

If you’ve worked with Walden Hyde, you know there’s something special happening here.

It’s more than our unfettered belief that brands can be the biggest levers for change in our communities and the world.

It’s greater than our drive to help clients become the most effective and influential Constructive Brands that they can be.

And it goes beyond our tried and true process for aligning brands’ values with what matters most to consumers.

It’s our team.

From the very beginning, we have had a different approach to finding, attracting, and building a talented team.

One reason is that Constructive Brands need not-your-average-agency-type team. Another reason is Lucia and I aren’t really the manager-type leaders. 🙂

We screen for self-motivation and drive.

We find strategists and creatives with really unique outlooks and ways of thinking. 

We look for broad thinking and understanding around how purpose, values, and sustainability matter to the world, consumers, and brands.

But most of all, we hire for curiosity and compassion. 

If you’ve worked with our team, you know that those qualities are what make you actually look forward to your weekly meetings, presentations, or planning sessions.

Our client retention (that goes well-beyond the industry standard) and lasting friendships with our partners don’t lie.

So today, I just wanted to publicly thank and appreciate our amazing team at Walden Hyde. 

There’s no one else with whom I’d rather spend countless hours on Slack or Zoom.