Make Sh*t Happen

Sign over our door in office: Make Sh*t Happen

It hangs over the front door of our (now unfrequented) office.

It’s a subtle, but powerful reminder of the role that Walden Hyde plays, for our clients and for the world.

It’s easy to slip into a “let’s just get through this” sort of mindset. We’ve all felt this over the last few months. Whether it’s neglecting our own personal mental or physical health, putting off important work for our brands, or as we filter through the politics unfolding.

But if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s not to wait for someone else to change things. It’s up to us. 

And that knowledge, while perhaps a little overwhelming as we think through taking the first steps, is really freeing. It sets us on a course to do more than just get through whatever it is.

Whether it’s for yourself or for your brand, embracing a Make Shit Happen mentality brings a vibrancy and a drive to our lives.

So let’s do the important work that we need to do.

This may look like fixing your packaging, refining your brand, understanding how your customers are feeling, and digging deeper into your CSR. Or it may be the equally important work of getting on a better exercise, meditation, or sleep regimen.

Let’s rock today, and everyday, as much as we can.