Death Valley

When most people think of Death Valley, they imagine blazing heat and barren landscapes. The national park is in fact both stunning and home to a world class resort.

We were tasked with developing a concept campaign targeted to potential guests in L.A., Las Vegas, and New York.

Core Tensions

Our research and strategy process uncovered two core tensions: 1) Few people associated Death Valley with a high-end vacation destination, and 2) People in the target cities crave an escape from their busy, chaotic, and screen-based lives.

Head On

We decided to tackle Death Valley’s image problem head on with the cheeky campaign—Death Valley, Better Than It Sounds. We then elevated the park’s remote location as a reprieve from urban life, developing copy specifically tailored to each city, such as "Sunset/No Boulevard" for L.A. and "Bright Lights/No City" for New York.