Unilever came to Walden Hyde ahead of Fruttare's US launch wanting to know what matters most to Millennials in terms of sourcing and sustainability.

We conducted an extensive ethnographic study in markets across the country and facilitated a brand-wide Purpose Lab for the label.

"Nobody knows the sustainability space like Walden Hyde."

—Jessica Sobel

Former North American, Sustainability Manager, Unilever

Sitting Down with Shoppers

When it comes to aspirational issues like sustainability, our nuanced recruiting and qualitative research approach allows us to explore the gap between intention and action and obtain accurate insights. For Fruttare, we set up in-home friend groups and shop-alongs across the country.

Purpose Lab

We brought together the Fruttare team for a two-day intensive Purpose Lab. Using insights from our field research as a guide, we led the team through a series of exercises to help them find the sweet spot where Fruttare's brand promise and sourcing practices align with their consumers' values.

Real Fruit and Happy Cows

Building on the results of Purpose Lab, we created a brand platform that is both honest and effective. Fruttare's use of fresh-picked fruit and high-quality dairy and commitment to animal welfare became key components of positioning that both reinforce the quality of Fruttare's products and align with consumers' values. From there, we worked with Fruttare to select territories, craft messaging, brief activations, and develop on-pack storytelling for a successful domestic release.