Lunchskins, maker of reusable snack bags, is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic pollution.

With the rise of plastic alternatives, Lunchskins fits right in. They came to us with new product ideas beyond snack bags. Before selling into retailers they needed our help in creating 3D renderings of the product and custom designed packaging to help gain interest from buyers.

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"Kraft"-ed with care

We designed packaging for Lunchskins’ new Kraft line which included paper food wraps, straws, and sandwich bags. We made sure the overall design blended well with their existing products while still incorporating bold colors and custom iconography for ease of locating at shelf.


We also helped them with their catalog by incorporating outdoor-theme lifestyle photography to highlight the “on-the-go” aspect of Lunchskins. We made sure the catalog matched Lunchskins’ youthful, playful, and colorful vibe.


Lunchskins is now selling in Whole Foods and Targets across the U.S. We continue to work with them to think of creative ways to move the brand forward and inspire consumers to think differently on plastics.

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