Run With Us

Note from Robb:

Last week we told you about Lucia and Katie’s badass running histories and plans. Today, our Head of Insights and Strategy, Katie Dunn, takes the mic to share more.

I was just out of college when my brother and sister-in-law suggested I train for a marathon.


“Yeah, why not?”

I never considered this possibility, but it piqued my interest, knowing that they had run a marathon recently themselves. Could I do it?

So I signed up, in part to imagine myself as the kind of person—like my sister-in-law—who always had a pair or two of running shoes stashed in her car, ready to go at any time.

Although I had run track in high school and got into trail running with friends in college, I never considered myself a talented athlete. But I was hooked after that first marathon.

I found a new perspective through long-distance running, especially on trails.

Trail running—which led to trail ultras—helped me connect with friends (and later, my husband), see places I’d never imagined, and clear my mental chatter and to-do list.

So, Lucia and I Are Running …

If someone were to say, “Why not?” to me now, I could point to the time it takes to train for even a “short” ultra race.

This hesitation aligns with some of the research about why there is lower participation for women and people of color in ultra marathons.*

A full-time job, two kids under the age of four, and a healthy awareness of safety while running by myself are definitely reasons to keep to my neighborhood jogs or well-trod trails on the weekends.

I know that I’m privileged in having access to great trails, running partners like Lucia and my husband (who’s running the Sawatch 50k, too!), and supportive employers/friends.

And still, I hesitate when I go to sign up for an ultra. From our research on women in outdoor sports, I know I am not alone.

There are practical barriers like time and money, but also deeply ingrained cultural narratives that hold many women back.

Stories like, “I need to put everyone else first.” “I don’t deserve to take time away from work and family.” “This is selfish.” “It’s silly to put time into a goal when I am only mediocre.”

But despite these narratives, I’m still doing it.

Run With Us!

Lucia and I are not professional athletes or professional influencers, but we do influence through the power of social norming and self-efficacy. And that’s the beauty of it.

Stories from middle-aged and middle-of-the-pack runners inspire others to pay attention.

As outdoor brands continue to wonder how to increase diversity in participation and reach new audiences, seeing everyday people doing amazing things is akin to seeing those running sneakers in the back of my sister-in-law’s car.

And it pays off.

A recent promoted post of Lucia running in Moab for a popular headwear brand earned over 210,000 engagements.

The Offer
From July throughout the end of September, Lucia and I will be training and competing in races in the most beautiful backcountry in the West.

We’re inviting brands on these runs. We’ll feature their best products through specialized videos and copy each month to drive DTC sales and consumer engagement.

July 1–October 1, 2024

We Deliver:

  • 4 video concepts adapted and sized for paid and organic social (9:16 and 1:1), 12 total videos per month
  • Supporting copy for each video
  • Suggestions for discounts and giveaways
  • Recommended hashtags

Please let us know right away if you are interested—we only have five spots for brands to participate.

We’re sending this offer to our clients, followers, and newsletter subscribers first, then will open it up to our larger audience on June 14th.

Just get in touch, and we’ll let you know about all of the details about how it works.

Let’s run together!