Shift Your Focus

On a trip with friends a few years ago, I got roped into a morning pilates session.

My old travel schedule, coupled with years of wear and tear on the trails, led to some pretty jacked up back problems. After a couple mornings of pilates, I started feeling like a new person.

It was by chance that I tried it, but three years later it’s become an important part of my morning ritual. Three or four days a week I wake up and follow Melissa Wood in a 15-20 minute session.

Even so, the other day I struggled to find motivation.

Although it’s important and easy to fit in (my kids call it the LaCroix of exercise), it’s not as easy as say, watching a bike race on tv.

As I was beginning to talk myself out of my pilates session, I realized that we humans are masters at making things more complex than they need to be.

We make up barriers that stop us in our tracks.

We find ways to avoid the important work, while keeping busy with easy tasks.

So, after my session I did this little activity.

Try it out:

  • Think about the tasks that you do everyday. Make a list.
  • Now, think about the most important things that you should be doing. Write down the top three or so.
  • Now, think about how your life or business would change if you focused every day on those top three most important things.
  • Does your daily schedule include time for those important tasks each day? If not, what can you stop doing? Where can you find even small pockets of dedicated time?

Find a way to remind yourself daily of what you should be doing.

I put a daily reminder in my calendar. You could also put a note on your computer or make it the screen background on your phone. Find something that works for you.

As we officially make the turn into summer with its fun and distractions, this is a perfect mindset from which to work.

Commit to your important work in an easier, more productive, and substantially more fulfilling way.

Have fun out there!