Saying it Out Loud

I’m mad this week and feel helpless. I’d imagine you feel similar.

But as Constructive Brands living in the world we live in, what’s happening in our communities matters to us.

As you know, Walden Hyde always makes our position known.

And this week, we’re urging our state and local governments to take gun laws into their own hands and not wait for national legislators to make decisions.

I remember a colleague at another agency saying how brave we were to voice our support on climate back before it was the common thing to do.

Our brand, Walden Hyde, may not have a ton of influence, but we have some. We have voice so we use it.And we work for influential partners.

So, this week in this newsletter, I’m asking the brands that we work with and the people that read this to think about the influence that they can bring to help make gun laws stricter in this country.

You may think that it’s not your place for your brand to take a stand on this particular matter and I get that. We, as brands, have been programmed to stay in the lane our brand books lay out for us.

But if you’re ever going to break your rules, it feels like this is a good time to do it.

That’s the ripple I’m sending out today. A little drop in the pool. I can’t make the change happen, but maybe somebody reading this can influence someone else that can make things happen.

Brands are the biggest levers of change that we have in this world. Let’s use what we’ve got.