Our Eyes Glaze Over

I’m speaking this week at the Snowsports Industries America (SIA) Summit in Sundance (and then I’m heading to the Biathlon World Cup at Soldier’s Hollow!).

The topic for the workshop is one that Walden Hyde is well known for: engaging consumers in sustainability and climate.

While this isn’t all that we do, our work and leadership in this area is second to none.

Does the topic make your eyes glaze over? Truthfully, when I hear it, mine sort of glaze over.

Because the first thing that most people think about is solar panels, kilowatt hours, or feeling bad about the things that you “should” be doing but aren’t.

And that’s because so many brands drop the ball when it comes to communicating and engaging consumers on sustainability.

When sustainability hits the creative brief, all Marketing 101 flies out the window.

It’s dirt in hands. Little baby plants growing. Windmills. Solar Panels. Giving things up.

We are a creative agency anchored in behavior change.

Changing where people ski. Changing what people buy. Changing how people consume energy. Changing how people think.

And in order to stay the experts on top of the field, we have a relentless curiosity.

But it’s not enough to understand consumers.

Or a market.

Or brand marketing.

Or sustainability.

It’s understanding the forever changing interaction between these forces. (And what moves people one day doesn’t the next.)

But, one thing is for certain. 

Consumers do not want to engage in things that make them feel bad or bored.

So, stop making them feel bad.

Stop touting results that don’t set you apart.

Stop saying the same things that all your competitors are saying.

Make sustainability your own through the lens of your brand.

See how you can break through the noise. Say something original that adds value to your brand and is meaningful and memorable to your consumers.

I dare you 🙂

Don’t know how? We can help.