No one knows the sustainability space like Walden Hyde.


Former North American Sustainability Manager, Unilever


Hey, there!

Sustainability falling flat? We get it. Our Top 10 Tips for Sustainability Nerds (ahem, like us) are the guiding principles to reorient your sustainability messaging right away.

Not only are we implementing everything from your plan, but everyone is so on board because they were a part of creating it.


Former President, Cascade Designs


You don’t have to figure it out alone.

We hear it all the time.

Brands have a list of sustainability talking points, but don’t know what to show on social media, in emails, or on their website.

Walden Hyde delivers a starter kit for launching this work into the world.

What You Get

Sustainability Platform

Positioning & Framework

  • Data Review
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Internal Session
  • Platform Concept
  • Platform Architecture
  • Key Positioning & Messaging

Design Mockups & Copy

  • 1 Sustainability Summary Box to Add to All Product Pages
  • 1  Sentence Sustainability About Copy
Organic Social

Design Assets 

  • 1 Static Post
  • 1 Video Post (0:15)
  • 1 Reel Post (0:15)
  • 1 Story Post (up to 4 screens)

Email Mockups

  • Sustainability-specific Email with Copy
  • Sustainability Summary Box to Incorporate into All Other Emails

What It Looks Like

Walden Hyde can do it.

Whether you’re just beginning or have been wrestling with it for years, Walden Hyde can transform your sustainability messaging and design into something that motivates action.


Why trust us?


At the heart of all of our work is behavioral research and strategy.

We conducted the largest syndicated ethnography to date on perceptions of sustainability in mainstream America and presented the findings on Good Morning America. Since then we’ve continued to a) lead client-specific research, b) stay abreast of current academic findings on sustainability and climate communication, and c) present best practices at national conferences.

We translate these insights into engaging and effective creative campaigns that drive brand success and behavior change.


We build the brands you love.

Walden Hyde is the strategic creative agency behind some of the world’s most iconic active lifestyle, natural food, and sustainable brands.

Our team of researchers, graphic artists, strategists, and storytellers drives success for clients we believe in.

While it’s not all we do, we have been at the forefront of the sustainability movement for over 15 years.