Now’s the Time for Purpose

(We’re giving away something free at the end of this, just sayin’)

Brands are the biggest levers for change is something you’ve heard us say 1,000,000 times. 

And these days, we’re seeing examples of that all over the place. But we’re also collectively realizing that a lot of companies have been coasting along, business as usual, for far too long. (Even Constructive Brands.)

There’s a reason for that. Change is hard—for both individuals and businesses—and sometimes it takes a major event to move us along from intention to action.

Right now, part of the reason we feel uncomfortable is because we realize that change is inevitable.

So we can either let it happen to us, or we can lead change, by adapting and reinventing.

We’ve been thinking a lot about how those things that were nice-to-haves for a lot of companies a couple months ago—investing in social and environmental sustainability programs, improving supply chains and ingredient sourcing, choosing the right financial institutions for our businesses, taking care of employees—are going to define how we move forward in this new reality.

This is the moment for Constructive Brands to rise up and change business as usual. 

Great. But where to start? 

My advice is to begin with purpose.

Does your purpose lead everything you do—from what you make, to your operations, to how the world views you? 

Walden Hyde’s purpose is to “push good ideas into the mainstream.” As a result, we’ve designed our agency and tools to address the unique needs of Constructive Brands.

So, we aren’t really doing our job by sitting back and quietly hoping for better days.

So we can all move forward together, today, we’re giving away one of the tools we use in our workshops and strategy work.

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Feel free to share it with your teams and colleagues. We look forward to hearing about your brand’s purpose.