After more than 40 years of innovating bike travel around the world, Burley took a deep look at their brand identity to grow and evolve this iconic bike brand.

We kicked off with a brand positioning project that included a full brand refresh, vision, narrative, giving platform, and product copy. A campaign to launch the new brand and ongoing creative support made sure the world knew that Burley was better than ever.



A New Face

It's hard for a legacy brand to evolve their identity, but over just a few months, we created a refreshed and modernized logo mark that nods to their roots and looks forward to a bright future. With the mark complete, colors, fonts, messaging and brand rules were all updated.

All the Everything Else

We applied the new identity to everything from the website to merch, because that's what you do when you've got a new thing going. Consistency is key when representing your brand both verbally and visually.

Last But Not Least - Packaging

After finalizing the new brand identity, we built the new look and feel for each type of product packaging. From boxes to hang tags and accessory cards, we integrated the new brand into master packaging templates that their team was then able to use across every SKU Burley offers.

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