Electronic Arts

EA is known for video games but what they do behind the scenes is most noteworthy.

We partnered with EA to build a visually rich and dynamic Impact report that effectively communicates their Environmental, Social, and Governance actions, commitments, successes, and goals to investors and stakeholders.

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Tons of Text? No Problem!

We built on EA’s international reputation for gaming art and graphics to bring the report alive with characters, personalities, and landscapes from their games. An uncommon four-column grid allowed us to make even text-heavy pages visually interesting by providing a narrow fourth column for call-outs and pull quotes.

Nuts and Bolts

The report’s hyper-organized navigation system, interactive elements, and systematic type styles make this massive document easy to read and use. Integrating their characters from their games help too.

Data Visualization

Extensive custom charts, graphs, and all sorts of ways to look at the data communicated complex ideas fast and effectively.

2021 Update

EA updated their brand guidelines, most notably their color palette. We helped showcase their spectrum of colors and refreshed branding with their impact report.

Easier, Better, Faster

To build on the positive response EA received on their first impact report, we wanted to make this years' even easier to read.