Wild Bear Nature Center

Wild Bear Nature Center is building a multi-million-dollar public mountain ecology center in a little CO mountain town.

Refreshing the identity of a decade-loved local non-profit is a balancing act. How do you hold onto the past while look to the future? Well, that's what we did. And the response has been pure love.

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Looking Forward

We collaborated with their team to develop a new logo with custom lettering and illustration and a seasonal palette. Their new identity captures the organization’s whimsical spirit, while remaining broadly appealing to both adult and child audiences. The identity also works well on merchandise for their popular gift shop.



Updating It All

With new donors looking at Wild Bear, an updated and streamlined website was in order. Multiple user funnels were created to guide a donor vs a program user to the right spot quickly.

“The logo was a big hit in our film last night. We had a slide with the old logo and Wild Bear is evolving under it fading into the winter logo. People cat called! It was great.”

—Jill Dreves

Executive Director, Wild Bear

Capital Campaign Collateral

We redesigned Jackson’s chip packaging to break through the clutter of the chip aisle and secure shelf space at larger retailers, including Safeway and Costco.