With hospitality concessions at America’s most iconic national parks and a diverse portfolio of travel brands, Xanterra serves more than 20 million of guests each year.

For many years, Xanterra published a CSR report for the usual reasons—transparency, industry leadership, contractual requirements ... but the company recognized it had a unique opportunity to engage millions of guests in environmental and social action, too.
We gathered the company’s most compelling CSR stories and data into a stunning report, but we didn't stop there. Next we designed mini-reports for each of Xanterra’s national park and resort locations. These small, freestanding booklets unfold to reveal a souvenir map and highlight stories and take-home sustainability tips that are relevant and meaningful to guests. We focused on stories with a clear link between Xanterra’s investment in sustainability and a better guest experience.

Engaging Guests

Next up, how do you get guests to save water and electricity on vacation? To do this, we created a suite of in-room and on-property tools that use humor to surprise and delight guests, while making them think more deeply about their actions. We also found opportunities to integrate Xanterra’s CSR messaging throughout the guest experience, from towel-hangers to interpretive signage to in-room magazines, menus, and maps. Our CSR work won Xanterra Entity of the Year from Lodging Magazine and is a finalist for the National Park Service communication awards.