Type II Fun

As humans, we need challenge in order to feel accomplished. The things that we most remember are the things that were difficult at the time but when they’re done, we have the best memories.

You might know it as Type II fun.

I remember a day climbing in the Tetons where I forgot to pack my approach shoes and had to buy a new pair the day before we set out. No problem I thought. I’ll just monitor the blister situation and everything will be fine. The six mile approach had another idea and produced the biggest most painful blisters of my life. But I slammed my feet into climbing shoes for three days and we climbed all the most classic Teton lines. Three days later, barely able to walk, I had only the fondest memories.

It’s the hard work that makes the experience most memorable and leaves you feeling accomplished. And that same psychology applies to work.

Let’s call it Type II work.

My most memorable work days were hard. Early starts, long flights, big meetings, but when I think back on them, they were also the biggest accomplishments and I have only fond memories.

You might have a few things on your to-do list that you know are important, but that you dread because they feel complicated and too big to take on…

Maybe you need to bring more life into your brand through a refresh or new campaign.

Maybe you don’t know what your consumers want or even if your target audience is the same as it was two years ago.

Maybe your packaging needs harmonization across product lines.

You know these things are also some of the more challenging things to undertake as a brand.

But they produce the biggest wins.

So, if you’re ready for some Type II work, the work that will produce the biggest results, we’re here for you.

And we promise to make it fun along the way.