The Big Wins

In the brand world, everyone’s always looking for the next big idea to:

  • Get more people to visit/buy
  • Attract new customers, while still appealing to brand loyalists
  • Show up better against the competition

Here’s a little secret about ideas though … they are the easy part. Making those great ideas happen is the hard part.

Day-to-day obligations and our endless to-do lists can make it hard to distinguish big wins from busy work. Often, the act of crossing off the easy stuff brings us a sense of accomplishment.

But, it leaves you feeling a little empty.

I feel you.

So what are the big wins? And where do you start?

A recent survey we sent out to brand managers and directors in the outdoor and natural food space revealed three top levers that they believe would lead to the biggest wins for their brands:

  • Packaging Refresh
    Brand experts recognize that a packaging redesign makes their products more shop-able, especially against competition.
  • Consumer Deep Dive
    If core consumers like you and trust you already, creating a campaign for them to fall even deeper in love with you is a great way to spark repeat purchases.
  • Brand Refresh
    Whether it’s a brand refresh or just tightening up language and hierarchy, being clearer and conversion-minded leads to brand affinity and repeat sales.

Brand experts know these will lead to big wins, but they often need help turning broad ideas into specific action.

Make Sh!t Happen is a common rally cry at Walden Hyde. It’s what we do, and we’re here to help you do it, too.