Win on Purpose at Shelf

Often the things that constructive brands think consumers should care about aren’t the same things that will make them reach for a product at shelf.

In other words, what matters most to you, may not matter at all to your consumers when they are shopping.

The starting point for a winning packaging approach is our positioning formula for constructive brands. This process gives your brand focus by uncovering what moves consumers to action and sets you apart in a crowded market.

From there, it’s time for some shopper marketing strategy.

Consumer marketing cycle

1. Retail Phase 1
Standing out in a crowded aisle
The aisle is crowded. How do you pull the consumer in to see your product through all the noise? What are the trends in the category? What design will make your product jump off the shelf?

2. Product Discovery
Getting the consumer to pick up the product
Assuming you’ve caught their eye, how do you get them to grab your product? What calls to your consumer when they’re standing five feet away from your product? A claim? An attribute? Humor? Seeing the product? There are so many possibilities to sift through, and it’s dependent on your product, your company, and your competitive set.

3. Retail Phase 2
Engaging them with the product
Okay, you got them to pick it up, but if they’re new to your product, it’s time to get them to flip it over to learn more. This is like getting a click in digital. Now that you got them here, what do you need them to know about your product or company that gets in their head and heart to convince them you’re worthy? Do you tell them about your emissions reductions (spoiler alert: probably not). Do you show them a farmer who could have made the product (spoiler alert again: no). Figuring out how to align your special reason for being with what motivates the consumer to give it a try employs that integration work that you completed earlier.

4. Sale
And you made it
You’re in their cart and you’ve probably even gotten them so excited to try you that they can’t wait to get home. Now, the product better deliver. 😉

Shopper behavior is both an art and a science. The most successful brands depend on both sides, but it’s easy to get too caught up in one or the other. At Walden Hyde, our strategy and creative departments seamlessly work together to produce results that win.

Case Study: Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger