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  • We’ve been having (almost) weekly happy hour calls to test our trivia skills and stay connected while working from home. How have you been keeping spirits up?
  • One of our designers @meghillman recently spoke with @kleankanteen about her illustration process, especially regarding a recent “digital happy hour” series she did for the brand. See the post through the link in our bio.
  • Happy May Day. Here’s to sunnier days ahead.
  • Repost from @protectourwinters 
A few weeks ago, POW asked you to dig into a banking on climate report card and see how your bank stacks up when it comes to financing dirty energy.⁠⠀
Who tops the list for fossil fuel investments?⁠⠀
1. Chase Bank: $195 BILLION⁠⠀
2. Wells Fargo: $151 BILLION⁠⠀
3. Citibank: $129 BILLION⁠⠀
4. Bank of America: $106 BILLION ⁠⠀
⁠Feeling like it's time to switch banks? Wanting some resources on how to get started? Follow the link in the @protectourwinters bio for a walk-through on how to switch banks and how impactful it can be. And while we’re at it, let’s call on these banks to stop funding climate change altogether. Help us flood the inboxes of JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Bank of America and let them know it’s time to stop the money pipeline.
  • On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day today, the New York Times did a compelling round up of environmental wins and failures over the past five decades. Having worked at the convergence of sustainability and brands for 20 of those 50 years, our principals can tell you that both consumers and companies have taken giant leaps in making environmental and social action fundamental to how they shop and do business. We’ve watched (and been a part of) consumer demand for sustainable products growing from the “health food” niche of the 1990s to the mainstream shelves of today. We’ve seen small eco companies turn into household names and name brands rethink their products and practices. We could give you lots of data, but all you need to do is look at your grocery store shelf to see just how much consumer and brand behavior has changed. 
Yes, there is tons of work left to do, but today we are celebrating all of our brands who are prioritizing people and the environment and working hard to make safe consumer products and food accessible to more people.

Illustration by @mathildeaubier for the @nytimes #repost

#earthday #sustainablebrands #sustainableliving
  • We want to take a minute to appreciate all the incredible photographers we’ve gotten to to work with at Walden Hyde. We can’t wait to be out shooting with you again one day.

It’s a tough climate for all freelance and independent creatives right now. If you are looking for a lifestyle, commercial, outdoor, or editorial photographer, we can’t recommend these talented professionals enough.

Photos from their personal collections in order of appearance:


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