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  • Need a sign for tomorrow’s Climate Rally in Denver? Check out the link in our bio to download a free, print-ready poster. See you at the capitol!

Big thanks to the following for organizing the rally: @carolinegleich @protectourwinters @neweracolorado @wildernesssociety @americanalpine @350colorado @bigmountaindreamsfoundation @outdooradvocacy @coclimatestrike 
#climatechange #climaterally #climatemarch #snow #protectourwinters
  • 2020 is here, and we’re keeping an 👁 on trends to see how all of our predictions pan out. If you missed our last set of 2020 forecasts for the outdoor industry, you can catch them on our blog. 
Top trends we’re watching in outdoor: 1) A cultural yearning for nature as the political sh*tstorm heats up 2) De-materialization of all things, from packaging to products 3) Increased pressure on brands to treat their athletes right. ....
#2020 #trends #outdoorindustry #outdoor #predictions #forecast
  • Tuesday is the new #casualfriday around here. Digital strategist @sasha.teninty rocking some fly @Patagonia overalls.

Also, note the little doggo peeking in the window. 😍
  • Two trends collided in 2019, setting the stage for the Rise of the Flexitarian in 2020: 
1. Plant-based meats hit the mainstream in a big-press sort of way, and 
2. The multi-year meat-based diet craze showed signs of slowing down.

Expect to see more people reducing their meat consumption—but not giving it up entirely—in 2020. 🥦🥬🍔 #flexitarian #omnivore #naturalfood #2020 #2020trends #2020predictions
  • Walden Hyde 2020 Prediction: the Sober Curious movement will ✈️ Distilled non-alcoholic spirits, CBD infused drinks, Dry January, and Sober September—it’s all happening. Americans have always dried out from time to time, but this time it’s loud and proud, especially with millenials (maybe it’s just because they’re loud about everything). Health, social, and economic reasons are all driving this trend. Will it last? If prohibition is any indicator, then the alcohol industry doesn’t need to fret (yet). #sobercurious #sobercuriousmovement #2020trends #2020 #2020goals
  • We’re gazing into our crystal ball for 2020. Want the full forecast? Signup for our newsletter! Link in bio.

#2020 #2020trends #2020forecast #design #naturalfood #naturalwellness #outdoor #hospitality