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Guided by a strong reason for being, Constructive Brands advance profitability without screwing over current or future generations. They shift culture, influence consumer behavior, build up employees, and future-proof resources.
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  • When things get hairy, our CEO @shurrrobb gets hairier.

Show us your stay-home hair.

#stache #hair #workfromhome #covid #corona
  • Need some happy news? Head over to Walden Hyde for a fun new read about the most unusual of the six universal human emotions—happiness.

Link in bio.
  • The doggos of Walden Hyde don’t seem to mind being stuck at home. Just takin’ a lil break from their busy office lives. 
#officedogs #covid #quarantine
  • We know the days may be blending together, but the weekend starts in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... hope you are still taking time to relax, have fun, and get creative.
  • If you, too, are now working from home, you might have noticed something interesting happening this week. As we all meet virtually, we are suddenly glimpsing each other’s personal spaces. Occasionally someone’s kid or partner wanders into the frame. Half of us are probably wearing pajama bottoms just offscreen. It’s intimate in a way business rarely is. Meetings feel more personal as the space between office and home dissolves, as we join each other in navigating this time.

Want a peek at where we’re working? Several Walden Hyders share their work-from-home spaces. 
#workfromhome #interiordesign #homeoffice #design
  • As Constructive Brands in the food, outdoor, and innovation sectors, our connection with consumers is much deeper and impactful than other brands. The tone we strike and the support we offer to our consumers is a gift not to be taken lightly. As Constructive Brands, we have the ability to inspire, to motivate, and keep the people who are connected to our brands present and mindful when they need it most.

And as Constructive Brands, we don’t just sit around and wait for things to get better. We actively do things every day that makes the world and communities we live in better. This is central in our businesses and world views.

How are you supporting your consumers with generosity and solidarity right now? 📷  @kleankanteen

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