People Pick Brands Like They Pick Friends

We’re fresh off the weekend, what did you get into? With a few days of new snow here, I went up to Eldora to ski and celebrate Winterfest with some friends.

If you had the energy to hang out with people, did you choose to spend time with friends who drain you, friends who are boring and don’t have much to offer, or friends who make you laugh and lift you up?

People pick brands like they pick friends. If they’re going to spend money, they’re much more excited to spend money with brands with energy that look and feel like they give a sh!t about what you need and what they do.

Whether you’re playful, introspective, helpful, or fun, be the brand that people want to hang out with.

Like we did for Copper’s cheeky 50th anniversary campaign, we’re here to help you put the right energy into your brand.