From Trail Building to Brand Building

We often talk about a philosophy used in trail building—people do what is easy, obvious, and convenient.

When you’re on a trail or in a park, you can see how this plays out. People follow the path of least resistance, going off trail for a shorter, steeper, more direct route. Over time, this can lead to erosion and “social trails” all over the place.

By knowing that people follow what’s easy, obvious, and convenient, trail builders design routes that meet the needs of the people and the terrain.

Why am I talking about building trails? It’s not because of my deep love for them or the fact that I’m on a trail almost every day of my life.

It’s because this philosophy captures how people act in many other areas of their lives.

By making it easy, obvious, and convenient for people to find, choose, and use your brand, you decrease hesitation and increase conversion.

Here are some ways you can make your brand the easy, obvious, and convenient choice to both loyal and potential consumers:

Make the shopping experience frictionless online and in-store.
Consumers get paralyzed when they have too many choices, so rather than trying to be the best option, show up as if you’re the only option through better packaging and website design. (We transformed Honey Stinger’s packaging and produced a 104% increase in lift rate.)

Know what drives your consumers into action.
Shopper intention (what they say they want) is very different than action (what they actually do), especially when it comes to aspirational products and experiences. Get deeper, more nuanced consumer insights. (We found the nuance behind what drives consumers to action for the National Co+op Grocers Association.)

Show how you really care.
Consumers know if you care or not, and they can see it in everything from your digital ads, to your website, photography, logo, and packaging. There’s always something your brand can do to show up a little better. (Check out our update to Burley’s iconic family-owned brand.)

And guess what?! We’ve got services to help you with each of these.

Here’s to staying on the right path.